Witches of Cahokia
By Raymond Scott Edge

Something’s turned up at a road construction site in Alton, Illinois. A pair of skeletal remains is causing a sensation in the local papers, and it falls on archaeologists Daniel and Lauren French to determine whether the project can go forward. But when further study turns up dozens of graves¾each containing female remains¾an ordinary dig turns into a major archaeological expedition. Then things really start to get weird.  

It Was Supposed to Be an Ordinary Dig.

   It Could End Up Changing    

Now, Daniel and Lauren are faced with failure just as they’re on the cusp of an incredible discovery that would change our archeological knowledge forever. Who were these women, and what do they tell us about ancient beliefs, culture, and even migration patterns? The answers might be too incredible to believe...

Spanning the continents and the ages, Witches of Cahokia is a thought-provoking novel that will keep you guessing right up to the shocking conclusion.

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Witches of Cahokia

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Amazon Reviews


v     Feathered Quill Book Reviews - A unique twist to this novel is that the author wraps his fictionalized story around real archeological finds. Collinsville, IL is home to the Cahokia Mounds, a place that figures prominently in the story. Other regional lore, such as the Flight of the Piasa legend, are blended into the story to create a realistic account of archeology, making this not just a fun story, but one that adds realism to the mystery. Quill says: Learn a little about archeology while unwrapping the mysterious story of Snow Pine and her descendants.


v     Midwest Book Review - "Witches of Cahokia" is a fascinating read and very highly recommended pick for thriller fans.


v     The author, Raymond Scott Edge, has written a beautiful story mixing Southern Illinois Indian cultural heritage, the migratory study of ancient tribes, current academic research and an educational organization's "political" infighting and relationships. I look forward to reading the other work of this author; and hope he has plans to continue this line of research and sharing of local Indian lore.
Readers will find themselves drawn into these story lines, and the book offers wonderful characters and believable plot lines to hold the reader enthralled and enraptured from beginning to end. Bravo to Raymond Scott Edge for a novel that is truly innovative, entertaining and educational.


v     This book is well written and easy to follow. It kept my interest throughout the entire work. Even though the book switches back and forth from ancient to modern times it is done with ease. I would have to give kudos to Raymond Edge for the ability to carry two stories each having a strong storyline. I would recommend this book anyone who enjoys reading about ancient cultures. I feel that everyone would be enchanted by the story.


v     The plot is set in motion when Daniel French, an archeologist for Southern Illinois University, finds dozens of skeletons at a local construction site. Daniel is charged with determining who these people were and why they were buried there. Throughout the book, while Daniel searches for answers, the past is tied to the present, an ancient order is revealed, and careers and societies are destroyed. Sometimes brutal. Sometimes beautiful. Always interesting. Witches of Cahokia will keep you guessing up to the end. I highly recommend reading it.