Last Witch of Cahokia
By Raymond Scott Edge


"If I dug up your great-great-grandfather that would be sacrilege. If you dug up mine, that would be science. How can that be right?"

In the darkest hour of night, a man dressed solely in black moves quietly among the tombstones. Finding the one he's looking for, he begins to dig. The next morning the community of Alton, Illinois, discovers that the remains of the cemetery's most illustrious resident, Elijah Parish Lovejoy, are being held for ransom. The illusive grave robber Ghost Dancer demands a simple trade, the return of Lovejoy's remains for the immediate reburial of thirty-six female skeletons taken from a Native American burial ground.

While Daniel struggles to respond to Ghost Dancer's demands, his mentor and senior colleague, Frederick Eldrege, is in China attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding an ancient painted buffalo skin found in the archives of Beijing University. Is it authentic? How did it get there? Are the thirty-seven women portrayed on the artifact associated with the recently excavated burial ground? If so, who is the 37th woman, and why is she dressed in silk?
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Last Witch of Cahokia

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Editor's comments:

"Your depiction of Indian culture and the Indian way of life feels authentic. You treat them with dignity and respect rather than stereotypes... The scenes with the sweat lodge and vision quest are atmospheric and transcended the words on the page."