Redoubt Books, a company built on the love of books and a good story.

Redoubt Books was established in March 2007 to promote the writings of Dr. Raymond S. Edge.

Raymond Scott Edge was first inspired to become a teacher during a high school history class five decades ago. This decision forever shaped his career, leading him through a variety of universities and academic positions. Dr, Edge is the author of several textbooks on health-care ethics and law. Since his retirement he has pursued his passion for regional history and culture. Flight of the Piasa, Witches of Cahokia and the Last Witch of Cahokia are the first three books of a fiction series based on actual Mississippi River archaeological sites and artifacts. The anticipated fourth book in the series is scheduled for publication in 2020. His most recent book is S: Memoir of an Iconic Gentleman.  This Christmas book won the Feathered Quill silver award for the best seasonal book.  
   He currently resides with his wife, Marilyn, family, and other gentle creatures in Montgomery City, Missouri.


"When I get a little money, I buy books .... and if there is any left, I buy food and clothes."